Cape Coral, Florida Snapper Fishing Charter

Snapper are a long-living sport fish species in the Gulf of Mexico. Fishing regulations for Snapper differ in the Gulf than in the Atlantic, and the limits listed below are for our fishing area. The waters outside the Fort Myers / Cape Coral area have lots of artificial reefs, where the deep water Snapper like to stay. Our protected mangrove coast is their preferred estuary while spawning.

Red Snapper

Minimum Size: 16″
Quantity: 2 per angler
Season: June 11-July 20
Habitat: offshore reefs in deeper waters
Gear: heavy to medium gear, depending upon depth
Feature: Tasty!

Mangrove Snapper

Minimum Size: 10″-12″
Quantity: 5 per angler / 10 total
Season: open year round
Habitat: mangrove shores and shallow waters when spawning, and reefs
Gear: medium spinning or bait-casting reel

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